Hi Guys,

Celcius are Goldonvibe, Buzzy B, and Skinny.. 

Celcius started out Djing in the early years way back in 1998, It was only when they joined forces with Buzzy B in 2000 did they start to write music for a hard dance outfit in essex. After reeling off 8 or so tracks, We moved on to different styles or genre. 

After spending a few years on the greek islands Djing and popping in and out of ibiza. we decided to get some tunes written that we liked to hear. Our influences range from an a-z of artist around the globe in nearly every genre you could imagine, far to many to mention here.

At the moment we are spending as much time in the studio as we can,(whilst trying to get on with this thing called life), so we can put out tracks for you to enjoy.

Feel free to get in touch with us or join our mailing list And we will let you know when new tracks and videos will surface